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Anti-Bias Work…

I’ve got some really important, hard work to do that involves looking closely at my own biases and how they affect my interactions with other people. This blog is to document/chronicle some of my ideas and reactions.

The purpose of anti-bias curricula is to provide a structure to educate people to examine their feelings and treat each other compassionately and humanely, to minimize oppressive and discriminatory behaviors and to generally promote acceptance. This is hard to do, mostly because it requires a lot of looking at one’s self. It requires admitting to our own shortcomings. It means hanging out and smelling our own ugly, shameful shit to see why it stinks so bad, instead of immediately flushing it down the metaphorical toilet of social relations.

In spite of the public nature of this forum, the purpose of this blog is not to ask forgiveness for my prejudices. It’s a way for me to own them, observe them and work on them.

For more on anti-bias curricula, you can start by investigating these (I’ll provide links later – until then, a Google search should be sufficient):

Anti-bias curriculum/education
Louise Derman-Sparks
Teaching Tolerance
‘Words Can Hurt You’ by Barbara J. Thomson
‘Confronting Our Discomfort’ by Tamar Jacobson