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Just to be clear…

I cover this a bit in my statement of purpose, but I’ll restate and expand a bit:

This is not any kind of anti-bias judgement blog. My goal here is to work on my ability to be a more effective anti-bias advocate. This involves asking myself a lot of questions, considering scenarios, dealing with my own inner landscape.

The scenarios I’m talking about here are not experimental case studies – they may or may not be fully resolved during the course of the exercise. I do not present people’s behaviors to judge them or make resolute determinations about whether or not they did or said something wrong (or right, for that matter), but rather to examine how it affects me and my ability to live out my ideals and do this work. This is, ultimately, about me.

This statement is not intended to discourage comments – I welcome comments. After all, this is a very public undertaking. Just keep in mind the purpose of my work when you share your ideas.